Carmen Mensink

Carmen Mensink

Carmen Mensink (The Netherlands, 1972) graduated from Kampen Academy of Arts in 1995 as a Graphic Designer and in 1996 completed a specialization in Typography at The Hague Royal Academy of Arts. Soon after this, she started practicing Buddhism and began her twelve years of training in the art of Tibetan Buddhism.

Carmen is committed to passing on this beautiful and ancient artistic tradition. Her Thangkas have been displayed at different exhibitions in both The Netherlands and Australia. She has also worked on related Tibetan Art forms, including a 16.5 feet floor painting of the ‘8 Auspicious Symbols’ to welcome the Dalai Lama to the Netherlands in 2009.

Painting these enlightened objects is like a meditation. Through the dedication and joy Carmen expresses in her classes – and which she passes on to her students – she inspires people on their own spiritual path. Carmen Mensink lives in Amsterdam and teaches Thangka painting in Europe, Asia and the United States. Further information can be found on her website


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December 18, 2015