Traleg Khandro Teaching Tour – EUROPE 2016


21-23 October “Buddhism in Berlin” – Berlin
Topic: “Taking Difficulty onto the path”

28-30 October Bhodichaya – Berlin
Topic: The Union of Dzogchen and Mahamudra
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November 11-13 Kamalashila Institute Germany – Langenfeld
Topic: Accessing the Natural State of the Mind – Exploring Mahamudra & Dzogchen 
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November 25-27 Hof Kuppen Community – Germany
Topic: Integral Buddhism Teachings of Traleg Rinpoche and LuJong (Tibetan Yoga)
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3-4 December: Marpa House – Essex
Weekend course: Integral Buddhism, bringing all aspects of oneself onto the path
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7 December : Amrita Dzong Centre
Evening talk: Working with Negative Emotions
(38 Kingsland Road, London)
Enquiries: Phone 0208 882 3883


9-11 December
Evening talk: Working with Negative Emotions – 9 Dec
Weekend course: Integral Buddhist Teachings of Traleg Rinpoche 10-11 Dec
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traleg_khandro_smTraleg Khandro is long-time student and wife to the late Traleg Kyabgon Rinpoche IX, is the Director of E-Vam Buddhist Institute America, and Nyima Centre Online Learning in Australia. Khandro studied Buddhism under Traleg Rinpoche’s guidance for 30 years and has undertaken numerous long meditation retreats. At Rinpoche’s request Khandro received traditional LuJong (Tibetan Yoga) training and is also a qualified Hatha Yoga instructor. Khandro gives teachings on Buddhism and LuJong in Australia, New Zealand, the United States and Europe. Khandro has a degree in Psychology. All Enquiries: