Khenpo Ngawang Dhamchoe

Khenpo Ngawang Dhamchoe

Khenpo Ngawang Dhamchoe is the Founder and Spiritual Director of Drogmi Buddhist Institute in Sydney, Australia where he is recognised as one of the most profound teachers of the Sakya tradition of Tibetan Buddhism. At a young age Khenpo-La became a monk and underwent many years of rigorous training both at the Sakya Monastery in Northern India and Sakya College in Dehradun. After receiving his Masters degree in Buddhism Khenpo-La was selected by Sakya Trinzin (head of the Sakya tradition) to lecture at Sakya College where he trained many Tulku’s and Khenpo’s.

Khenpo-La teaches throughout the world including New Zealand, Malaysia, Singapore and now the United States. He is known for his great teaching ability, tremendous generosity and kindness. Khenpo-La’s clear communication, depth of knowledge and his deep understanding of how to apply this knowledge and practices on a daily basis to better oneself and others, is remarkable.


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December 19, 2015